Day in the life of a Graphic Designer | UK

Day in the life of a Graphic Designer | UK

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64 thoughts on “Day in the life of a Graphic Designer | UK”

  1. Hey guys, Hope you enjoyed the video! I know a large percentage of my audience are designers, but I’m intrigued, I want to know what the other half of you do for work? Let me know and hopefully I can create some content that can be of use. Appreciate all the support as always, y’all the best 💛

    1. Hi Abi!! I’m in the works of opening up a small business making candles. I found your channel a few months ago when I was searching how to make my own logo and artwork on Adobe. I have fallen in love with your work and your channel ever since! You are always booked everytime I check your website, but I would LOVE to work with you one day. Until then, I love learning from your channel as a small business owner ❤. I would love to see in future videos, as a small business owner looking to build a brand, what are some important key elements I should look to or how to in building my brand for dummies. Thank you for all that you do!!! ❤️

    2. Greta Jocienė

      I work in marketing 🙂 but at the moment I am learning graphic design basics as a large part of my job is hiring freelancers and I want to understand how to order the best possible content and stay on brand 🙂

    3. @Greta Jocienė Yes this is such a smart way of approaching it! I plan to do the exact same when getting my new website. Learn more about web design so I know the fundamentals and what to ask for!

  2. hi any free courses to suggest to learn design please. im jobless for 2 years now and without goal without career and without money thank you

    1. Hey 👋 Skillshare has a 7 day free trail when you sign up, so you can take as many courses on there for free that you can fit into 7 days (just remember to cancel your account before the 7 days are up otherwise they will charge you for the year). You can repeat this a few times on different email address’s 😊

  3. The Design Corner

    Love this BTS video! Would love to see more BTS of your content creation like shooting, designing for social media &all that good stuff!!:)

  4. Hi I am currently in school for graphic design. I enjoy your videos. Lately I’ve been finding myself to feel a bit burnt out? I can’t come up with anything creative to try and practice on. I really hate feeling like this since I love creating and don’t want to lose my passion for it. Have you been there before? And if so what do you to cope? Thank you!

    1. Yes I have! Honestly the thing that has helped me the most when I feel like this is to cutout social media for a few days and just allow myself to be bored! It’s no condescendence that our best ideas come to us in the shower, it’s because we aren’t distracted! Go for walks, read a book, and just avoid tv and your phone for a few days and I can promise you, you’ll feel so much better and more creative!

  5. Could you do a video on your pricing and how you gradually got to charging as much as you mentioned in this video?

  6. It’s so sad that we don’t have any schools that support this in my area. So I am doing my best to learn from every online site that caters graphic illustration. Thank you for sharing your daily routine to us.

  7. onlycreatives graphic design

    Another great video, Aby!!! 😉😊😇 Congratulaciones 👏
    Acording of your experience, what computer do you recomend for Graphic Design?
    Thankyou so much!! 😉😊😇
    An as always, keep going!!!

    1. Thank you! I honestly don’t think the computer matters it’s more on your budget but having one with at least 16gb of ram is a place to start. and what’s more important is having a monitor with good colour accuracy. Appreciate the support as always 😊

    1. Allan Nyholm Nielsen

      @Abi Connick I promise to watch the rest of the video.. I admittedly only watched up until the mediation part … that’s when I wrote my comment.
      I am not an open-minded person, and that’s even thought I do some graphics design myself – on a minuscule level. Not nearly as positive or energetic a day as yours. I hope there’s some learning for me as I think I know that there’s probably sarcasm involved with the meditation part?! If not, then hats off to ya.
      The thumbnail has “burnout” on it – I’ll watch some more.
      Not that I hope you’re burned out. It’s just inevitable for most?

    1. I started in an apprenticeship (1 year) then spent 4-5 years doing agency work, then branched out and started my own thing. The best thing I’ve done to improve my skills is passion projects!

  8. How do you get 2500-5000 pounds clients? Our clients literally die when they have to pay $30-50 for a logo, or if we ask them for Social Media Management for like $500 USD per month…

    1. It’s all about your perceived value and where you’re attracting your clients to! Watch this video for example: look how detailed and in depth my process is, this attracts hire paying clients that don’t just want a logo but that want a brand!

  9. I recently started exercising because im the only designer in my office and too much work to do, i think it’s burnout as well. Im more of a night owl so i exercise at night

    1. All about doing what’s right for you! I feel like there is the stigma that if you don’t get up early you wont be successful, which is just so untrue! Everyone has different ways of working and being productive!

  10. Whilst the energy, enthusiasm, and presentation of the video is great, its very little about being a designer, a design process, or a designers real typical day. It’s a blue sky ideal scenario. It’s not reality. You and your sponsor sells the idea it is easy. A lot of new designers are going to believe this well crafted video production is the life of a designer. In real workplaces, in different industries, it’s entirely different. This is a very rose tinted glasses view.

    1. It’s just a YouTube video, chill… If you look at my channel I have a lot of other videos that dive deep into my processes, etc. Like this one: And while this might not be the ‘typical’ designers day in the life, it is mine and I’m a designer, so why can’t I show that?

    2. @Abi Connick I am chill, don’t take any offence. As a designer feedback should be something to get used to. I hope you don’t say ‘chill’ professionally to people 😁. Your right, it is just a video, more about a social media influencer or content creator. But in the real world our days are not spent moving fonts about a bit and then doing YouTube. It’s misleading.

    3. @minglis 4 You’re day might not be, but mine is and it’s ‘my day in the life’ not yours? I don’t get why it bothers you so much…

  11. What a lovely channel! I am so happy I came across this video. I am trying to achieve similar stuff on my UX Channel! Hopefully it’ll work outtt

  12. Loved the video a great insight although I think I got more excited when I saw you were walking through one of my favorite cities where I went to Uni 😀

    1. @Abi Connick yes it’s an amazing city especially for creatives. I’m hoping to get a place there again myself. Sadly with Covid I had to move back to Yorkshire. 😃

  13. Abi I see u always do mock up but I just see the them magically can u do a small video on how u do ur mock ups pls because I always see them magically like am sleeping 😴 ..

  14. Hats Off To Your Hard Efforts. I Can Literally See The Research And Time That You Have Put To Make It Possible. LOVE YOUR WORK ALWAYS. You Are Truly Inspiration For Designer. Keep It Up Mam.

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