53 thoughts on “Become An EFFICIENT Graphic Designer! (Important Things You Need To Know)”

  1. It’s really awesome, I like your content. I hope more interesting things related to design. Thanks, greetings from Colombia

  2. I always get inspired and a rush of creativity when I’m in bed at night scrolling through content.
    So I end up sleeping at 3am.
    This is problematic

  3. My queston is: Can a person become a graphic design through youtube and self-learning? Is passion and discipline enough or is required always a school degree?

    1. uwineza Delphine

      Hi, l need help I study to use photoshop, illustrator and InDesign but to be a designer it’s hard for me. I can’t do anything about it l don’t have creativity, any idea to do something. please what can I do, please help me.

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for linking to those fake briefs! I am trying to start out as a graphic designer and am trying to create some portfolio pieces (I have a multimedia degree and worked in print for a few years but due to my role and company approach the work was rarely creative). The fake briefs are an awesome resource and I hope I can use this to create some stellar portfolio pieces!

  5. kishor Vittal Mangalore

    Thanks Satori (Is Satori your Name ) this will help a lot ; bcos we know tools and learn thru vdos but design is a concept based thing and yes Confidence is very important ; Thanks for the wonderful explanation

  6. My dad and i was just talking about me being a graphic designer earlier today. Now this video pops up in my recommended, i think my phone is watching me and can hear me. GUYS HELP PLEASE MY PHONE IS HAUNTED

  7. I have been into photoshop since I was 12 (now, I’m 20). Recently, I promised myself that I would stop using pirated softwares because of religious reasons and I decided I would carry on with my passion for graphism but with what’s free and available. I got into GIMP, krita, Inkscape, Ivinci express and so on… I kind of felt inadequate and lost, because not only these programs are greatly different than photoshop (and for GIMP, it’s also unreasonably harder), but I realized that I have little flexibility, which is an important skill (not only in graphism, but in life overall). This is a challenge, but I hope I can bring up better results with getting out of my comfort zone. Thank you for this incredibly informative video, I have never really bothered to learn the basics of graphism through a course, and only learned them through practicing (I never watch tutorials unless I want a specific outcome I want to achieve), but this has incited my to watch or read about how professional graphic designers work instead of just doing things intuitively and what I think looks good.

    1. Satori Graphics

      If your work is good enough and you can market yourself as a designer to clients, then a monthly Adobe fee is nothing

  8. i studied graphic design in college and i used to really enjoy it but the last semesters and after graduating i kinda lost the passion and i dont know what to do actually i’m really lost

    1. Satori Graphics

      You may have suffered burnout or you’re not focusing on the right niche sector of graphic design that sparks your interest or skills

  9. I just suck. I suck at most things in life & I fear I may never be good enough at even one thing? Sometimes I wish I didn’t exist at all. It doesn’t matter what I do, it’s like life is over for me.

    1. Satori Graphics

      Hey come on, that likely isn’t true.
      Living to expectations is a dangerous thing. Life shouldn’t be such a test of what you are capable of, more what kind of person you are and how you impact on others lives.
      But anyway, you will be good at many things if you really think about it, and try out other things too.

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